Tianjin History

Tianjin area is the alluvial plain with earth from the sea back. About 4000 years ago, land appeared from the bottom of sea. Till the Warring States Period, the predecessors had labored and lived in the area.

The HaiHe River was called Border River when Song and Liao Dynasty. North part of the area was belonged to LiaoYouFu (later is called Xi- Jin government), WuQing County; south part belonged to GaoYangGuanLu, GanNing Army and CangZhou(prefecture) QingChi County of North Song Dynasty. Song Dynasty set up many army points – “Zhai”, “Pu” like NiGu(Sell), ShuangGang, SanNu, NanHe, ShaWou, DuLui and so on to defense Liao’s army attack the south.

Before second year of YuZhenYou(1214), ZhiGu Site was set, Governor WangYianYou and Vice-governor WangYianZhu lived defensively, ZhiGu(sell) was recorded in the history. Tianjin became very important military town.

Before year 19 of YunZhiYun(1282), channel was drilled, ZhiGu became the transit location of inner water transportation, it was there receiving and transporting station and temporally thousand-family office were set up. Till the period of YuNian(1264-1294) TianHou Temples( mother of heaven)(east and west) were built separately at the location of DaZhiGu and SanChaKo(where the three rivers meet). Year of 1234, bittern appeared, 18 families of SuGaoSong, Xieshi and so on set up the stoves to burn the salt. Two years later they set up “SangChaGuSi” and DaZhiGuSi” especially to manage the slattern.


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